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super thin cutting disc for metal and stainless steel

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Super Thin Cutting Disc For Metal And Stainless Steel

Quick Details

Shape: Flat-Shaped
Abrasive: Silicon Carbide
Bonding Agent: Resin
Hardness: T
Viscosity: Standrad
Size: 4"
cutting disc Application: Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminium, Stone etc
cutting disc Color: Black Green Red
cutting disc Material: Aluminum Oxide
cutting disc Certificate: ISO9001 MPA EN12413
cutting disc Delivery Time: Within 30 Days from Receiving Deposit
cutting disc Advantage: Higher Efficiency, Durable Use
cutting disc Type: 4" super thin cutting disc for metal and stainless steel
cutting disc Bond: resin bonded
cutting disc Package: 800pcs/ctn
cutting disc Speed: 80M/S. 1.88TIMES



the desired work result, e.g. high stock removal, high surface quality
the operating conditions, e.gl. the available power supply, stationary or manual application
the workpiece to be worked, e.g. its dimensions, geometry or accessibility
the duration of use, e.g. individual or mass production

Tool drive

The tool drive that is used has a significant influence on the cost-effectiveness of the working process. CNDOME is one of only a few manufacturers that offers high performance tools and tailor-made air grinders, electric grinders and flexible shaft drives from a single source. the ideal tool drive is selected taking the follwong criteria into consideratiion:

design, shape and size
pwoer output
rotational speed
mounting requirements
power supply


CNDOME broad product range comprises tools for working on steel/stainless steel(INOX), aluminium, plastic, and a whole range of materials besides. The varying properties of the materials place individual requirements on the tools used to work on them. CNDOME tools are especially designed for the differing material prodperties and thus allow the hightest possible levels of cost effectiveness and the bery best results.


Meets hightest quality and safety standards throught robust, dimensionally and laterally stable disc designs
Reduced labour costs throught savings in set-up times(fewer disc changes)
High performance through aggressive abrasives and high quality abrasive grit bonds
Complies with the requirements of EN12413Thin cut-off wheels in all our thin cut-off wheels product lines, DOME has produced a noticeable performance increase for the use:
Thinner, faster cutting with little burr formation
Highest possible economic value
comfortable and safe