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retekool refrigeration aluminum tube finned evaporator coil

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Quick Details

Type: Fin Tube
Application: Heater Parts, Heat Exchanger,Air Cooler,Condenser,Evaporator,Fluid Cooling,etc.
Certification: ISO 9001:2008,PED
Base Tube Material: stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,alloy steel,etc.
Fin Material: aluminium,copper Alloy,stainless steel,carbon steel
Design Temperature: Below 450℃
Inside Surface Condition: Grooved/Corrugated
Heat Transfer Efficiency: High
Product Processing: Extruded,Embedded,Combined,High Frequency Welding, etc.
MOQ: 100KG
Package: Wooden case with steel frame
Payment: T/T;L/C


Economy and Energy Saving

The high-fin tube is used to advantage when gases are to be heated or cooled or when a process stream is to be air-cooled. High-fin tubes come in a wide variety of fin heights, thickness, and spacings, giving values of Ao/Ai up to 25. For corrosion protection, a mechanically bonded liner tube may be used inside the finned tube. The liner can be made of corrosion-resistant alloy, while the outer tube and fins are made of a high conductivity metal such as copper or aluminum to improve heat transfer.
One major application of high-finned tubes is in air-cooled heat exchangers. Atmospheric air, like all low pressure gases, gives a very low heat transfer coefficient at normal velocities. By contrast, the tube-side fluid, usually a liquid to be sensibly cooled or a vapor to be condensed may have a coefficient up to 100 times higher, or even more. Therefore, high-finned tubes are used in these exchangers to reduce to overall size of exchanger required.


Base Tube Material
stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloy,alloy steel (No theoretical limit)
Fin Material
Aluminium,Copper Alloy,Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel
Fin Tube Type
1.Extruded fins tube
2.Serrated fin tubes
3.L Type fins tube
4.G Type fins tube
5.LL Type fins tube
6.H Type fins tube
7.KL Type fins tube
Base Tube O.D
Fin Depth
Fins per inch
As customer's request
No fin area on both side
As Customer's request.
Design Temperature
Below 450°C
Product processing
Extruded,Embedded,High Frequency Welding etc.
PE/Plain Ends, BE/Beveled Ends
Test Requirement
Physical Property Test,Chemical Composition Analysis,Non-Destructive Test,Other Inspection and test as customer's requirement.
Air Cooler,Charge Air Chiller, Condenser,Evaporator, Fluid Cooler, Gas Cooler,Oil Cooler, Radiator, Refrigeration,Steam to Air Heat Exchanger,superheater etc.
Wooden cai with steel frame.
Product Origin
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C



1) Q: Can you send the sample to us for free before we place order?
A: Our products are mostly customized, that’s to say, we make the sample according to the 2D/ 3D drawings from you. It will take time and resources of our company, so we will charge you for the sample, once you confirm without questions, we will put it into mass production. And we will give you a discount on the basis of the quantity of your order.

2) Q: Do you have titanium alloy in stock?
A: Yes, but just the normal specification finned tube. Most of our products are customized.

3) Q: Why does it take at least 4 weeks to finish the mold?

A: After we get the 2D/ 3D drawings from you, our engineer will analyze the drawings, to see whether it’s feasible. Once there is any questions, we will feedback to you and give our suggestions if necessary. And after you confirm without questions, we will sent to our Mold Department for production.

4) Q: How long will it take for the production?
A: Once receipt the deposit from you, we will start the following process: Making the mold, Making wax models, Making the shell, Dewaxing, Roasting, Alloy casting, Getting the semi-finished product, polishing , detection and so on. After finish, they need time to check the products, if found any possible defect parts, they will return to the production until every part is 100% approved. Therefore, it will take about 25-35 days to finish the first batch. And it just need 20-30 days to finish the second, third, fourth…… batches.

5) Q: What’s the payment term of your company?
A: Before shipment by T/T or against copy of B/L.