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prices 1060 h24 sheet metal roll aluminium coil

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Prices 1060 H24 Sheet Metal Roll Aluminium Coil

Quick Details

Application: Roofing,ceiling,industry,etc
Thickness: 0.01-10mm
Width: 15-2600mm
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Grade: 1000 Series
Surface Treatment: Coated
Temper: O - H112
Main product: aluminium coil
Free sample: Can be supplied
Other grade: 1050/1060/1100/3003/3004/5005/5052/6061,etc
Color coated: PVDF or PVC coating
Inspection: any inspection can be accepted
Item: prices 1060 H24 sheet metal roll aluminium coil
Coil weight: as per request
Coil surface: mill finish
MTC: can be supplied before shipment


Product Description

Aluminum and its alloys are today considered one of the most practical of metals for a variety of reasons. Its low cost, light-weight, and modern appearance are among the primary reasons for its widespread use. It is non-sparking, electrically conductive, thermally conductive, non-magnetic, reflective, and chemically resistant. It is popular in the construction, marine and aircraft industries because of its ease of fabrication, non-toxicity, strength (pound-for pound), and resistance to the corrosive atmospheres of industry and marine environments. Anodizing increases this corrosion resistance and also permits iridescent finishes in different colors. Some alloys are slightly corrosive and so are cladded with a thin layer of aluminum for added protection.


Details as following

1)1000 Series Alloy (Generally called commercial pure aluminum,Al>99.0%)
Alloy1050 1050A 1060 1070 1100
TemperO/H111 H112 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/
H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc.
SpecificationThickness≤30mm; Width≤2600mm; Length≤16000mm OR Coil (C)
ApplicationLid Stock, Industrial Device, Storage, All Kinds of Containers, etc.
FeatureLid Shigh conductivity, good corrosion resistant performance, high latent heat
of melting, high-reflectance, well welding property, low strength, and notsuitable for heat treatments.
2)3000 Series Alloy (Generally called Al-Mn Alloy, Mn is used as main alloy element)
Alloy3003 3004 3005 3102 3105
TemperO/H111 H112 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/H26/
H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc.
SpecificationThickness≤30mm; Width≤2200mm  Length≤12000mm OR Coil (C)
ApplicationDecoration, heat-sink device, external walls, storage, sheets for construction, etc.
FeatureGood rust resistance, not suitable for heat treatments, good corrosion resistant

performance, well welding property, good plasticity, low strength but suitable

for cold working hardening

3)5000 Series Alloy (Generally called Al-Mg Alloy, the Mg is used as main alloy element)
Alloy5005 5052 5083 5086 5182 5754 5154 5454 5A05 5A06
TemperO/H111 H112 H116/H321 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34
H16/H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc.
SpecificationThickness≤170mm;  Width≤2200mm ; Length≤12000mm
ApplicationMarine Grade Plate, Ring-Pull Can End Stock, Ring-Pull Stock, Automobile
Body Sheets, Automobile Inside Board, The Protective Cover On Engine.
FeatureAll the advantages of normal aluminium alloy, high tensile strength & yield strength,

good corrosion resistant performance, well welding property, well fatigue strength,

and suitable for anodic oxidation.

4)6000 Series Alloy (Generally called Al-Mg-Si Alloy, the Mg and Si are used as main alloy elements )
Alloy6061 6063 6082
Temper O F, etc.
SpecificationThickness≤170mm;  Width≤2200mm ; Length≤12000mm
ApplicationAutomotive, Aluminium For Aviation, Industrial Mould, Mechanical Components,

Transport Ship, Semiconductor Equipments, etc

FeatureGood corrosion resistant performance, well welding property, good oxidability,

easy to spray-finishing, well oxidation coloring, good machinability.


Application of Color Painted Aluminum Sheet

mainly used to produce aluminum composite panels, aluminum single sheet,aluminum honeycomb sheet, and mainly used in aluminum roller shutter and roller blinds,aluminum ceiling, aluminum door and windows, scan, sign, decorating car, boat, food container, home appliances, cookware and cabinet, control panel, lamps, furniture, solar reflector panel, etc.