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offset printing positive voilet aluminum plate for ctp

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Offset Printing Positive Voilet Aluminum Plate for CTP

Quick Details

Use: Offset Printing
Material: Aluminum
Style: Positive
Type: CTP Plate, UV CTP plate, also used as high sensitivity PS plate.
Model Number: Aluminum Plate
CTP Plate Name: Offset Printing Positive Voilet Aluminum Plate for CTP
Color: Blue and green
Application: Commercial sheetfed and rotary press printing
Substrate: Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum
Spectral sensitivity: 350-460nm UV light, especially 400-410nm UV laser
Relative Sensitivity: 40±5 mW(Cron UV-4632CI platesetter Parameter 1000 rpm)
Resolution: 2-98% @ 250 Lpi.
Applicable platesetter: main UV-CTP platesetters such as Cron,luscher,Amsky,basysPrint.
Run length: (unbaked)18 months,and saft light is yellow.

Product Description

Technical Specification:
Plate TypeUV CTP plate, also used as high sensitivity PS plate.
ApplicationCommercial sheetfed and rotary press printing
SubstrateElectrochemically grained and anodized aluminum
Gauge0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40 mm
Final image colorBlue-Green
Spectral sensitivity350-460nm UV light, especially 400-410nm UV laser
Relative Sensitivity40±5 mW(Cron UV-4632CI platesetter Parameter 1000 rpm)
Resolution2-98% @ 250 lpi.( The difference between plate-making equipment will be different)
Applicable Platesettermain UV-CTP platesetters such as Cron,luscher,Amsky,basysPrint.
Run length(unbaked)18 months, run length will be different when used in different conditions
such as printing presses/paper/ink/printing chemicals and etc,.
SafelightsYellow light
Run length18 months under recommended storage conditions


Processing Conditions

DeveloperColorte PD positive PS plate developer
The ratio of developing
solution (PD: water)
Developing temperature24±1°C
Developing time20-30s
Washing temperatureRoom temperature
Drying temperature50°C
Replenishing Rate100—150 ml/m2

Transportation and Storage

Plates should be kept at a place dry and cool. The shelf life could be up to 12 months with a temperature between 1530°C and RH 2560%. They also should avoid the place where is too close to water tank, chemical reagent or direct sunlight. Plates should be used up as quickly as possible after unpack and they should be put in the original package and take measures to avoid light if they need shortterm storage. Usually, under the yellow light, it can be left for 8 hours, and 2 hours under white or natural light.


Unpack under day light or yellow light, it is suggested that the plate making room avoid natural light. For manual or semi-automatic plate-making equipments, when loading and unloading plates, we should avoid scratch, which may influence plate properties.

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