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high strength 7075 t6 aluminium alloy thin wall hollow tube

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High strength 7075 t6 aluminium alloy thin wall hollow tube

Our Capabilities

Aluminum Alloy:6063, 6005, 6005A, 6105, 6101, 6082, 6061

Extrusion Capacity

2750 Ton, 10" Press
3600 Ton, 12" Press
5500 Ton, 14.5" Press
7500 Ton, 17.5" Press
9000 Ton, 20" Press

Surface Treatment

Mill finish , Sand Blasting , Anodizing ,

Wood grain , Electrophoresis painting ,

Powder coating

* Powder coating thickness: 60-120um

* Anodizing thickness: 8-25um


Cutting Countersinking

Punching Notching

Bending Deburring

Drilling Tapping

Milling Forming
Mitre cutting CNC machining


*Engineering -CAD Shape Design
*Early Supplier Involvement (ESI)
*Design for Manufacturability
*Wide Selection of Standard Shapes
*State-of-the-Art Manufacturing *Management System
*Single Source Extrusion and Fabrication

Standard Dies Shape

Angles(equal) , Angles(unequal) , C shapes , Caps , Carpet bar , Channels , Corners
Coves , Dividers , F shapes , H shapes , T shapes , Tracks , Tubes

According to GB5237.1-2008 or as per agreement


Industry Standards
ISO9001: 2008 , ISO14001: 2004 , ISO10012 , AAA grade standardize corporate
Validation , Durability , Reliability , Mechanical , Chemical , Physical , Dimensional ,
Component , Application

Product Applications

Windows & Doors,

Commercial & Residential

Custom & standard shapes


6063 alloy

Fabricate, paintanodize,

and thermal break protection

Custom Building Structures/

Sunrooms / Arena Domes


Custom shapes

Fabricate, paint, and anodize

Curtain Wall,

Storefront Industry


standard custom shapes

for storefront and curtain

wall systems

Fabricate, paintanodize,

and thermal break protection



Custom shapes

Fabricate and anodize

Sporting & Athletic Goods


Custom shapes

Fabricate for goals and anodize

Light Fixtures & Electric Lamps


Custom shapes

Fabricate and anodize

Solar, Wind & Other

Alternative Energy Apps


Custom shapes

Fabricate and anodize

Electronics & Communication



Custom shapes

Fabricate, paint, and anodize

Industrial, Agricultural & Mining


Custom shapes

Mine pipe


Process Industries


Custom shapes


Service Equipment & Supplies


Custom shapes


Ladders & Scaffolds


Custom shapes


Packaging & Shipping

*Spiral Bundle: Extrusions are stacked and tightly wrapped with a stretch film for finish protection.

*Shrink Sleeve: Extrusions are individually covered with a heat shrink film that tightly adheres to the profile for finish protection.

*Interleave / Kraft: Extrusions are serpentine interleaved with PEP and Kraft for finish protection.

*Paper Layer / Box: Extrusions are layered, separated by paper and boxed for finish protection.

*Box: Extrusions are placed in custom cardboard boxes for finish protection.

*Custom Crate: Extrusions can be placed in a custom wooden shipping crate for further protection

Our Services


Phone support: speak to a friendly voice you trust to get the job done

Industry leading practises: take the stress out of material control

On the case: we make sure every order is chased

In the know: one step ahead, recording the progress of your order

Comprehensive technology: we use the latest technology to stay ahead

Mail us any time: fast and reliable responses to inbound email


Q1: What are the advantages of using the 6000 series of alloys in aluminum extrusions?

A: The 6000 series, which incorporates magnesium and silicon, provide good extrudability,

strength, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability -- which explains why it’s also

ZJD’s alloy of choice for all our aluminum extrusions.
Q2: If I wish to send an electronic drawing to you, what types of files can you accept?

A: We accept many file formats such as DXF, DWG and IGES.

Q3: Why do extrusion companies always ask me to sign off on a drawing before they can

order tooling if I’ve already provided a drawing?

A: Oftentimes, we find a few key dimensions that are missing from the original drawing

that need to be clearly identified. Other times, we have taken exception to a tolerance,

dimension, alloy, note, surface condition, etc. It’s just our way of documenting exactly

what we have agreed upon.
Q4: What is the difference between anodized and mill finished?

A: Mill is the raw state of aluminum as extruded - no surface treatment. Anodized (also

known as Satin Clear or Clear Anodized) is an electrolytic process. This process increases

corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
Q5: What About Anodizer Rack Marks?

A: Electrical contact must be made to each part to be anodized. The more electrical

current required, the greater the electrical contact. The size of the contact therefore

depends on the anodizing process and the size of the part being anodized.

Q6: What is your closest sea-port ?

A: Dalian City SeaPort .

Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Grade: 6000 Series
Shape: Oval, Round, Square, rectangle and customize
Surface Treatment: Mill, Anodizing, Powder coating, Wooden color
Outer Diameter: 6mm-150mm
Length: Max 6.0m or customize, Max 6.0m or customized
Thickness: 0.8mm-10mm
Usage: Construction Industry
Hardness: T3-T8
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Temper: T3 - T8
Al (Min): 98.8%
Wall Thickness: 0.8mm-10mm, 0.8mm-10mm
Certification: ISO9001:2008;ISO14001:2004;SGS
Tolerance: GB5237.1-2008 high precision grade
Anodized Film: decorative,classII and classI architectural
Finish: Mill,Anodizing,Powder coating,Wooden color
Fabrication: Cutting,Milling,Drilling,Punching,etc
Press Capability: Maximum:6000 tons;Minimum:500 tons
Color: silver,black,red,blue or custom colors
Name: High strength 7075 t6 aluminium