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double paper covered (dpc) aluminium strips

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Double Paper Covered (dpc) Aluminium Strips

Quick Details

Grade: As Per Requirements
Thickness: 1MM TO 6 MM
Width: 4 MM TO 18 MM
Al (Min): 99.5%

Product Description

We are chiefly engaged in manufacturing and supplying Double Paper Covered Aluminium Strips of world class quality. The Paper Covered Aluminium Strips offered by us are specially made using EC Grade Aluminum Wire Rod and Insulating Paper. Our assorted variety of Paper Covered Aluminium Strips includes Double Paper Covered Aluminium Strips, Triple Paper Covered Aluminium Strips & Multi Paper Covered Aluminium Strips that are normally represented as DPC, TPC and MPC respectively. Further adding, these Paper Covered Aluminium Strips are available in width of 5mm upto 15mm and thickness of 2mm to 6mm, in order to suit the client’s requirements. Morever, we the Aluminium strips can be taped with insulating paper as per the client’s specifications.


Longer functional life
Impeccable strength
High heat resistance
High resistivity
High conductivity
Resistance to water
Heat & weather resistant
Afford ability

We manufacture the following Copper and Aluminium Conductors

Bare Wires and Strips.
Enamelled wires and strips in rectangular.
Varnish bonded fibre glass coverd wires and strips in rectangular.
Enamelled and vernish bonded fibre glass covered wires and strips in rectangular.
Nomex coverd wires and strips in rectangular.
Daglass and enamelled daglass wires and strips.
Polyster film covered wires and strips.
Mica coverd wires strips.
Cotton covered wires and strips.
Paper coverd wires and strips

Manufacturing Facility

We have following casting facilities -
Chill Casting
Sand Casting
Gravity Die Casting
Continuous Casting
We can hammer & hydraulic forge products up to 2000 kg of single piece.
Hydraulic Press extrusion of Bars, Profiles and Sections. Drawing for finishing of Bars , Rounds , Profiles & Sections upto 10 Meters of lengths.
We have all facilities to finish our Forge or Rolled Products to required shape with close tolerance.
To convert the CC rods to Bare Strips and further insulate with Enamel, DGC, Nomex, Polyester or Mica or combinations of the above.