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china aluminum strip with copolymer coated

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China Aluminum Strip With Copolymer Coated

Quick Details

Grade: 8011
Thickness: 0.1-2.0mm
Width: 15mm-1000mm, 15mm upto1,000mm
Application: cable armoring
Surface Treatment: Coated
Hardness: Soft
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Al (Min): 99%
Temper: O - H112
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 58
Elongation (≥ %): 15
Product name: China aluminum strip with copolymer coated
Elongation: ≥15%
Peel strength: ≥6.13N/cm
Heat seal strength: ≥17.5N/cm
Filler/Floodant Resistance 68±1°C,168hrs: No delamination
Water Resistance68±1°C,168hrs: 6.13N/cm
Dielectric strength Two side,Dc 1KV,1min: ≥7Grade
inner /outer diameter: 76,150,406mm(+/-3mm)/Upto1,200mm
Color: Clear


1. Product name: China aluminum strip with copolymer coated
2. Base material: aluminium 8011-0 1060-0 1145-0 1050-0 8011-0 or as your requirements
3. Coating: copolymer
4. Free sample is offered.
Aluminum strip with copolymer coated consists of aluminium foil coated uniformly with copolymer film on one side or both sides with perfect lamination and is used to separate groups of conductors in telephone cable, preventing interference and cross-talk. The copolymer provides excellent adhesion to the aluminium substrate and has the chemical resistance and general characteristics of low-density polyethylene and gives excellent bond strength to all types of polyethylene.

Technical data

PropertyUnitTypical ValueTest Method
Tensile StrengthMPa≥58ASTM E8
ELongation%≥15ASTM E8
Peel StrengthN/cm≥6.13ASTMB736
Heat Seal StrengthN/cm≥17.5ASTMB736
Filler/ Floodant Resistance 68±1℃, 168hoursNo delaminationPEA PE-39 PE-89
Water Resistance 68±1℃, 168hours Peel StrengthN/cm6.13ASTM B736
Dielectric Strength Two-side, Dc 1KV, 1minno break
Corrosion ResistanceGrade≥7

Material for aluminum strip with copolymer coated

Aluminum: Usually we have these aluminum material: 8011-0 1060-0 1145-0 1050-0 1200-0, etc..
We can also use other material as you request

Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.19mm, 0.2mm, etc..

Film material: POE, LLDPE, LDPE, PE, EVA, ABS, etc..
Thickness: 0.05mm, 0.04mm, 0.03mm

Application for aluminum strip with copolymer coated

1. Aluminum strip with copolymer coated is widely used in shielding for telecommunication cables, power cables and fibre optical cables;

2. Good insulativity and shielding effectiveness to reduce return loss, complying with RoHS standard, which make it widely used in coaxial cable, local area network cable, and as shielding layer of many other cables;

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